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Week 10 – Playtest Day


Playtest day is this Saturday! With 100+ playtesters coming to the ETC, our goal for the week is to finish the implementation of the other two characters, and test if our playtesters can reach a conclusion for accusation after 30-40 minutes of gameplay.

Design & Programming

Since we have reached a full production phase where we need to write & manage complex contexts for all three characters, we came up with a new structure to store all the character contexts in our Google Sheet Tool.

In the following example, we are showing a section of Hope’s context. We first list out all questions that players are likely to ask (in column A), and write sample responses for the character, in five different emotional states (Low, Low-Mid, Mid, Mid-High, High), this spread sheet will then be compiled into a cohesive context, formatted as ChatGPT input.


Our artists also finished all the assets for Elizabeth and Hope, in five different emotional states. We’ve also included the latest iteration of our User Interface below.

Playtest Day

we were able to have five rounds of playtests and all our playtesters had a great time! Below are some of the notes

  • Who they accused
    • Hope (3/5)
      • Too nice
      • Not accusing others
      • magical 
      • Just nice enough
    • Elizabeth (3/5)
      • Honest
      • Old crone trope
      • Tone inconsistent w description
    • Adam (2/5)
      • Cool hat
      • hardworking
      • Tone inconsistent w description
  • What they like
    • Funny interaction with AI
    • Responses were good and natural
    • Visual
  • What they don’t like
    • Reading too long
    • Inconsistency of facts
      • Deacon said Adam was there but everyone else denied
  • Strategy
    • Used interrogation guide briefly
    • Gaslighting
    • Deductive reasoning
  • Example Questions
    • Helpful
  • Tone wheel
    • Used all the time, saw instant feedback
  • Other notes
    • Love to have sound
      • Voice acting?
      • Text to speech?
      • Sound effects
        • Focus on SFX and BGM first
      • Background music
        • Intro / outro
    • Want to see more of what the town is like
      • Does that give player more info to ask more questions