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Week 9 – We’re at Game Developers Conference!


This week’s post is special – because our whole team is at Game Developer’s Conference! We demoed our game at multiple venues over the week and got some very valuable feedback from industry experts.

Gameplay Summit

On Tuesday we attended gameplay summit and demoed our game there. We had the fortune to chat with 10+ developers from the US, Canada, Brazil and Europe and received overwhelmingly positive responses. Everyone was able to complete a 20-minute gameplay experience with just one single character before wanting to move on to the next. This is a great signal that our gameplay loop works well with ChatGPT technology.

ETC Booth

We also had a great opportunity to showcase our project at the ETC Booth on the Expo floor, which allowed us to chat with a lot of ETC Alumni who attended GDC. They all expressed interest in our project and gave their opinion on future iterations.

Chatting with Industry Experts

Later in the week we chatted with multiple industry experts about our project. For instance, we chatted with Yusuke Muri, an AI Researcher at Square Enix who is developing an NLP-driven game similar to our project, to have his perspective on how Square Enix designed their game around NLP technology. We also chatted with Ben Swanson, an NLP Research Scientist at Ubisoft who shared multiple contacts of him who might be interested in our project. On Friday we had a long and insightful conversation with Charlie Amis, VP of Product at Schell Games who shared valuable insights on Schell Games’ strategy for incorporating AI technology in their future products.

Having all the meaningful interactions with all the experts in the industry gave us a boost of inspiration and energy to continue developing our project coming back from GDC. Will share more progress next week!