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Week 11&12 – Polishing


Since week 12 is just half a week (due to CMU’s annual Carnival break) our team took the past 1.5 weeks as a single sprint. The goal is to start polishing our game, finalize details and start to prepare for publishing.


This sprint we focused on delivering another AI-driven feature: Topic Classification. This feature utilizes Cosine Similarity to compare player’s input with a set of preset topics for each character. For instance, Adam doesn’t appreciate the interrogator talking about his kids, therefore players mentioning his kids will make him more stressful. Using an AI-driven approach significantly improved the performance comparing to our original method of simply searching and comparing certain keywords.


We also iterated and implemented a new User Interface System. The goal is to show the character portrait & background as the visual priority, and show other text-based interfaces and tools in a digestible way.

We also finalized and implemented our opening and ending, as a part of the digital experience in the game. This completes the last component of our gameplay experience and the current state of our game can be seen in the following teaser trailer.

Teaser Trailer

PR Update

A piece of great news to update – We are being interviewed by CMU Media! On Tuesday we participated in an ETC tour with CMU media department and showcased our project to the visitors, who graciously offered the opportunity to be featured in one of the articles about Entertainment Technology Center. We will surely have more to update in the following weeks.