Introduction Clients:Renee Cox – Renee Cox is a photographer, artist, lecturer, and political activist.  Her works […]
We spent this week iterating our idea for the new feature in Room 2 of an […]
User Flow Previous week’s playtests suggested improvements in our user flow to enhance the guest’s experience. […]
With our transition from Kinect 2 to Kinect Azure last week, we had to update all […]
Tech Challenge As we developed we started encountering issues with Kinect 2. The motion detection was […]
Experience Design During week 8 we explored how we could improve the journey of the exhibit […]
Week 7 started with the team presenting at the halves presentation at the ETC. You can […]
Week 6 consisted of meeting our client, Renee Cox in person and visiting our installation location […]
ART FOR PROJECTION INTERACTION 1 We started experimenting different styles of animating and rigging the previous […]
As we waited for a decision on the budget from the client, Week 4 consisted of […]