Week 10: GDC Week

Welcome back to Team Voxalburgh’s Blog! As the Game Developers Conference (GDC) unfolds this week, our team remains busy at work despite one of our own attending the event. This week has been particularly fruitful, with our latest prototype featuring three unique postcards now in full swing, setting the stage for a deeper dive into artistic development. Below is an update on each department’s achievements and our focus areas:

Narrative Development:

Xixi has been diligently enhancing the narrative, successfully polishing the content for three postcards specific to the Penn Mac location. This refinement process is crucial in bringing our game’s world to life.

Technical Progress:

Tony has constructed a prototype encapsulating the essence of our game’s flow: initiating missions, interacting with NPCs through scanning, and uncovering a third postcard that reveals further storyline elements. We’ve prepared a demo video to give you a glimpse of this in action. 

(Demo video to be added here)

Design Innovations:

Yuxin and Xixi have been tackling various bugs within our game loop. Their current focus is on optimizing how the postcard content can enhance the game’s progression and introducing additional hints or tutorials to ensure users grasp the core gameplay effectively.

Artistic Direction:

In the realm of art, Tony has ventured into concept art for our game’s mascot. Following this, Jim and Shen have taken these concepts into the modeling phase, making adjustments to the mascot’s design to ensure it conveys a friendly and approachable impression.