Week12: Preparations for Playtest Day


We kept iterating on the UI. 

  • Fixed several UI bugs including the layers’ structure together with the programmer.
  • Kept making 2D UI assets.


  • Kept making the character animation.
  • Started to make the facial animation of the character.


  • Fixed the bug that the character is not appearing in AR.
  • Fixed the bug of the selecting reply function.

Then we gathered together for the Playtest Day on Saturday. We tested about 10 groups of naive guests, 2~4 people in each group. We made the surveys and observation lists to figure out the following questions:

  • The timing of each step
  • The usability of each functionality buttons
  • The guests’ satisfaction of the narrative.
  • The guests’ satisfaction of the gameplay.
  • The guests’ satisfaction of the whole process.

However, “Satisfaction” is a tricky evaluation, since you can’t ask users’ satisfaction directly. But instead, we made the “satisfaction” easy to evaluate by specific metrics. For example:

  • How do guests understand the difference between the 3 postcards?
  • What’s the reason for the guests’ choice of the reply?
  • How do guests understand the message we hope to convey in the game?
  • Did guests read the whole narrative words? Why or why not?

To decrease the bias, we designed the choices of each question and encouraged guests to write down their answers directly instead of making choices out of what we gave them.