Connecting the Parts

Hi! I’m Hannah! I’ll be taking over the update this week! This week we have a single build that allows us to go between parts 1 and 2, in addition to other technology and art updates that we will talk about below.

Game Design Updates

Part 1 card creation process

In order to help the player come up with new statements, we have updated part 1. In addition to the aid we currently offer we will be implementing an evolve function. This will be added to the beginning of the creation process as shown in the wireframe. 

After the introduction, the player will see the robots monitoring a large map of the world, with various post being flagged as toxic and deleted. One of the posts would then go to the player’s screen, along with two options:

 See A Non Toxic Statement

 From here the player can choose the create your own option which will take them to the process displayed in the previous wireframe, or they can choose evolve, which will allow them to change the currently displayed statement:


Evolve the Statement


Tech Updates

Gameplay update

We have connected parts 1 and 2 into a single game where the player can navigate to each part using buttons shown after logging in. We also implemented usernames that will allow players to retrieve previously saved cards at the beginning of a new session.

Artists Updates

Storyboard design

Our artists have been working to refine our storyboard. Below is the current version:

Bots Looking at a Computer

Confused Red Bot

Failed Test
Confused Yellow Bot

Red Bot Computing

Incorrect Judgement Silences People


Teacher List



Part 1 background design

Our artists have created a background for part 1, trying to lean more into the technology aspect of the game:

Part 1

Power Ups

Last but not least, our artist have begun designing the skill buttons. Enjoy the first few below:

Playtest Updates (Internal)

We shared our current prototype with the client today. If you want to try it out yourself, click the link. Make your username unique as that is how you access your saved cards! Feel free to check it out (even though it requires at least 4 players to play at the moment…)

Positive Playtest Feedback

The current gameplay has a neat interface and clear instructions with a goal for the player which makes it easy to understand. The clients also think it aligns with their goals.

Things to work on Playtest Feedback

We fell that the topic prompts are not adding any engagement to part 2, so we are going to look into other ways to engage the player! Additionally, the client wants the game to be more specific about what cards to choose, and make part 1 more engaging.

In conclusion, we are working on these areas concurrently while the tech team focus on the development of the game.

Playtest Updates (External)

Saturday was ETC playtest day. Thank you to all of our playtesters for your feedback in order to improve our game!

Positive Playtest Feedback

The majority of the playtesters liked our robot designs. Additionally, they think that the our keyboard/mouse controls work very well. Overall, the playtesters seemed to understand the purpose of the game to some extent.

Things to work on Playtest Feedback

The players were somewhat confused on what they were supposed to do. Additionally, we ran into some bugs during the playtest that caused problems. We also found the playtesters were having trouble coming up with cards in part 1. Overall, the guests seemed  to prefer part 2 to part, but were disappointed that they couldn’t  change their votes.


AIAuditors Production Update

We are excited to have completed our first external play test on Saturday! On the technology side we will be doing more enhancements, while the art team is working on making an introduction video that is sure to be great! Have a great day and we can’t wait to see y’all next week!

Do look forward to our future update! 🙂 



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