Uniting the Design

Hi friends. With soft opening fast approaching, we are full speed ahead trying to prepare.

Game Design Updates


In order to further clarify the rules and better tie the game to the story, we have made a short storyboard to display before the  tutorial begins.

First Panel

Pannel 2

Pannel 3

Pannel 4

Start screen

We are hoping that this explanation along with the tutorial will help make the process clear to the players.

Part 2

We have decided that when a player votes for or submits a card, the label on the card will change from toxic to non-toxic, in order to make the players feel that they are changing something. 

Additionally, the cursor in Part 2 will be changed into a stamp.

Tech Updates

Gameplay update


The tutorial now only plays automatically if the user enters a new username. We have also added a button specifically for the tutorial on the menu


Background music has been added to the storyboard.

Part 1

Background music has been added to Part 1. Players are no longer able to make duplicate cards

Part 2

Background music has been added to Part 2. The background of Part 2 has been updated.

Artists Updates

Part 2 background design

In order to fit more with the technology theme for Part 1, the artist have redesigned the background for Part 2
Part 2 Background

Additionally we have changed the card design for the same reason.

New card design

And when the card changes, as stated above, it will look like this

New Card non toxic

Here is an example of what gameplay will look like with these changes.

Game Play Example

Finally, here is the stamp that the player will use to vote.



We have updated the user profile page as well.

Profile Example


Here are our current designs for the menu and login screens.

Login Screen


Sound Design

I have completed the music for the storyboard and tutorial instructions. You can listen to it here.

 Current Link

As always, find the link to the current version of the game here. The password is etc.

AIAuditors Production Update

Soft opening is next week and we are all excited to show off what we’ve done so far. Happy Easter to those that celebrate it, and even if you don’t, have a great week. See y’all next week!

Do look forward to our future update! 🙂 



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