Our Team

Samantha Trimboli


Last year Samantha graduated from Yale University with a B.A in Computing and the Arts. In undergrad, Samantha focused her studies on computer graphics and animation. Here at ETC, she is working on the Puppamatics team as producer and in the future hopes to continue her work as a producer in the gaming industry.

Eva Chang


Eva graduated with a dual degree in Business and Digital Content Design, with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. She is now seeking a future career in product design and management to create great experiences. During this semester, she is working as the co-producer in the team and hopes to sharpen her skills.

Jasmine Chen


Jasmine graduated from Parsons and majored in game design. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University and getting ready to be a technical artist for rendering and computer graphics. Jasmine is one of the programmers on this project and mainly develops our project in Unity

Sarah Wille


Sarah Wille did her undergrad at William & Mary University, where she majored in computer science with a minor in math while also pursuing music and art. She’s hoping to go into film, specifically in special effects/editing. For this project, Sarah is currently working as a programmer.

Randi Ouyang

2D Artist

This is Randi’s 2nd year, at ETC. In the past, she studied product design in undergrad and worked for an independent game studio. In her early career, Randi wants to be an experience designer and 2D artist in the entertainment industry. On this project, she is working on 2D art assets and character design.

Lawrence Luo

3D Artist

Lawrence has a background is in interior design and design studies. He has conducted design research and learned about 3D modeling software. He found himself interested in game art while in undergrad and since then started making game assets. For his future career, he would like to be an environment artist or animator for video games. On the Puppamatics team, Lawrence primarily works on creating 3D assets, animations, and wherever else he can. Our team will try our best to create a fantastic tool for children to learn while being entertained.


Ruth Comley

Ruth Comley is an educator that has been teaching undergrad and graduate classes for 28 years in the areas of digital art, experience design, and project management. She has a Specialized Associates degree in Industrial Design, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Entertainment degree in Entertainment Technology.  Currently Ruth is an Associate Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University where she teaches Masters classes in Project Production, Digital Art, and Experience Design in the Entertainment Technology Center. She is also the Art Director for Stage and Steel Productions, Khymira Entertainment, and an active Board member of StriplightCommunity Theater. There she designs and produces seasonal festivals and events while also writing, producing, and directing theatrical plays.