Week 9: Game Developers Conference

Most of the team was away at the Game Developers Conference a.k.a. GDC. At this conference, people from all over the world from all different roles gather to talk about the gaming industry. There are talks from animators, sound designers, lawyers, etc. Students often go to network or show off their schoolwork. It is a great experience whether you’re in your early career or 20 years in, GDC shows the world what’s next!

Although this was a great experience for us, GDC took a week away from production. To prepare for this, we set goals to keep us motivated when come back on week 10.

  • Programming
    • Save all bug – add screenshot
    • Enter name bug
    • Save confirm popup
    • Save complete
    • Save All
    • Implement New UI
    • Play ending video right after save all confirmed
    • Make fold dotted
    • Opening screen
      • Intro video button
      • Design button
      • Assemble video button
    • Optional: change page size
  • Art
    • Second UI iterations
    • Duke Pawsley 2D poses
    • Intro 3D video
    • End 3D video
  • Producers
    • Tutorial video scripts
    • Filmed tutorial video
      • Sample Audio
      • Aaron Audio
    • Voice acting for the video
      • Sample Audio
      • Aaron Audio
    • Assembly video scripts
    • Assembly videos
    • Iterate on Instructions- add pages and type on each image

Next Steps

After we return from GDC, we are going to try finishing up our tasks and prepare for Playtest Day. We are setting up a meeting with some ETC Faculty members to advise us.

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