Week 9 started off in analyzing feedback collected from Playtest day held on October 29th, and the playtest we conducted at Northgate school – both with the same builds of the experiences. 


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The week after fall break started off by preparing for 2 different playtests in the same week… 

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Our third prototype is currently aimed at being another collaborative game on the SMALLab platform… 

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Our 6th week started off in preparation for our school visit on Wednesday… Read more

Guest Playtesting with Color Streamers at Northgate School District

Our fifth week started off in preparation for our meeting with our client on Wednesday… Read more

The fourth week began with breaking down and analyzing feedback from the previous week’s presentation that we had given all our faculty members… Read more

We started our third week off in preparation to meet the middle school and high school students for the first time! … Read more

The second week started off with exploring the SMALLab technology – that includes a foam mat and 3 motion capture ‘wands’ that can track a person’s movement on the mat… Read more

The project kicked off on August 29, 2022, with our first meeting with our project advisors – John Dessler and Scott Stevens. … Read more