Week5: Playtest I Sprint

Our sprint goal of week5~week6 is to develop a workable prototype for the playtest in 2/20 (week6). In that playtest, we hope to test if our core gameplay works well and if our audience understands our narrative goal.

We made the following effort to meet our sprint goal.


We developed some basic features in Unity including:

  • Map feature using Niantic Lightship.
  • A workable UI that covers from the map to the AR interaction and storytelling.
  • AR interaction features 50%. We already tested if Niantic Lightship ARDK works. But still implement our interaction needs in it.


We kept working on our narratives to make it ready for testing, which includes:

  • Full stories that meet our “cultural merge” narrative goal.
  • The dialogues that are ready to be put into Unity.
  • Key objects and how they are related to the physical environment.

When presenting them to our client, he provided some feedback including that he wishes there could focus more on real believable characters in the narrative to make it touching. Thus we plan to keep making the narratives more attractive.


  • Shader effects that meet our narrative goal of history.
  • Created 3D antique objects using photogrammetry pipeline.