After learning more about our project requirements from our faculty mentor and client, we are getting straight down to action. 

The first thing we did on our own is research and ideation. With so many foreign terms thrown at us, we created a research + brainstorming google document for everyone to input their research. This includes clarifications of various terms we may not know and similar Game With A Purpose (GWAP) ideas which we can reference to come up with our own ideas.

On top of simply research, the programmers on our team went to play around with some of the sample AI models online by generating random inputs to try to get “biasness” in them. They collected a list of possible models where everyone can explore together. The artists on our team also went on to search for certain concept art which they found interesting and thought might be useful in generating insights.

After the completion of the research document with everyone’s input, we came together a day later to discuss and share about all the insights we gathered.

Composition Box

Having completed our initial research, we have came together once again to use Google Jamboard to create a composition box. The purpose of this composition box is for us to share with others easily what our project is about, the experiences and needs which we want to achieve through out the semester. It is also a great way for us to collate all our information together.

1st Brainstorming

After our initial composition box, we continued with our jamboard by brainstorming ideas. This allowed us to collect our thoughts in one place. Anyone was free to ask question and everyone could suggest whatever was on their mind. Based on these ideas, we tried to develop them further in order to share them with the client.

2nd Brainstorming

However, I’m sure nobody is expected to decide your ideas simply from the first round of brainstorm.

We learned many valuable insights from the client which we used to implement on our second brainstorm session. Before the second brainstorm, each member is tasked to think of 2-3 ideas on their own based on all the information we collated and the feedbacks we received. We then came together and had a productive discussion on everyone’s ideas.

It seems that we have many diverse ideas. Below is a summary of our discussion and second brainstorm. From these, we have decided to move forward further with 3 ideas, namely WoW style of fighting AI big bossAI Among us and  AI Escape Room. Look forward to our updates in the next week blog 🙂 

Communication with Client

Due to the complex requirements, we deduced that there will be many times where we may need more clarifications and discussions with the client. As such, we have also created a slack group chat between us and our clients from CMU HCII to foster better communications and discussions.

Project Metrics

After learning more about our project, we have also set our own metrics in defining the success of our project. After careful selection and thought process among the team, we have chosen these 3 metrics:

  1. Client requirements – we believe that being able to handle our client’s requirements means we have delivered what is asked of us.
  2. Gameplay / Interactivity / Mechanics – since we want to build a game that can attract general public to play, we believe we need to work on the gameplay and interactivity to make it attractive.
  3. Art style – With a wonderful gameplay designed, we also want people to enjoy the artistic aspect of this game. With 4 artists in our team, we are confident to make this happen.

On top of these metrics, we have also defined a set of metrics to evaluate our game fitting to the client’s needs. These are also the metrics we will be referencing throughout the ideation process.


After a week of design and iterations, we have also settled on our very own logo for AIAuditors!

Do look forward to our future update! 🙂 



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