Fruitful start of the week

We started off our week by expanding on our previous 3 ideas. Each idea has been more elaborated with more details and web concepts of how it looks up

Idea 1: Human vs Robot

This is a 3D synchronous multiplayer game designed for  young adults that like brain teaser. In summary, it allows players to constantly attack the AI bot to try to find flaws and biases in the system. We also included an image to show a brief concept of what the game may look like. Here are some sample images of what the game is about.

Idea 2: Who’s AI

Inspired by among us, this is also a synchronous multiplayer for young adults to communicate, do activities and try to figure out who is the AI that is disguised as a player. We even gamified it with players that are secretly helping the AI, Engineers. You can see a brief outline of the game and some sample concept art based on the pictures below.

Idea 3: AI Escape Room

Contrary to the previous multiplayer games, we also tried to think of a single player game making use of the famous escape room concept. We thought that many people may be missing the escape room experience, hence we designed this game to want to test if young teenagers are able to solve our mysterious challenges. We thought of a really interesting story line making use of inspiration from the Blade Runner movie. Feel free to check it out below!



Quarters (1/4) Presentation

Every semester, ETC has a quarters walkabout for project teams to showcase their ideas to faculties from art, technology, game design departments etc. It is a great opportunity to receive feedbacks for each team from everyone in ETC.

Each team will have 15 minutes with each group of faculty members. Hence, we compressed our project outline and the 3 ideas we came up with into a five minute presentation and used the rest of the time to receive feedbacks from the faculties. Our main challenge before 1/4s is that we have so many great ideas but we are unsure what the “public” thinks.

As such, we came up with specific biased examples generated by AI models to illustrate each game idea so that it is clearer to compare and contrast the ideas. 

With this systematic approach, we received really popular feedbacks from all the faculty members. It seems that idea 2, Who’s AI received the most number of votes.

Client Meeting Update

With a longer duration for our weekly client meeting, we shared in more details on each of the ideas to seek their valuable feedbacks. Here’s the general feedback we received:

Idea 1: We can see how this game will play out in our heads and it is likely that it can generate the most amount of data needed to detect biasness in AI systems. However, given the strict time constraint for the players, would they be able to generate fair biased data?

Idea 2: Building on top of a popular game, AmongUs, definitely seems like a good start. The conversational aspect of this game can probably lead to more useful responses and feedbacks we cannot imagine. However, are we able to control players from being rude to one another? What is they are more biased than the AI model?

Idea 3: The story is really cool and I can see people getting attracted to the escape room concept. However, the single player element may not be able to strike off meaningful conversations between players which can lead to more useful AI data.

It was a heated and insightful discussion and eventually we as a team, will need to decide on how to move forward with this project.

Concluding Decision

After an internal discussion with our faculty advisor, we have decided to go forward with idea 2, Who’s AI. Despite having the general framework of the game, we believe that this game has a lot of potential and unknowns. Given the complexity of such a game, we, as exceptional students of ETC should take on this challenge and attempt to build this game. However, given the risk involved, we will be aiming to complete a quick prototype of this game and see if it can achieve all the things we want to do. If anything fails, we always have game 1 as our back up.

AIAuditors team update

The first draft of our internal project poster and half sheets are also complete!


Half Sheets

Do look forward to our future update! 🙂 



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