Back in strong action

After a good semester break of rest, we are all fully recharged to start off week 8 of our semester. Once again, we have made insane progress and we are excited to share these updates with you all.

Playtest Updates

Instead of playtesting on the card game aspect, we managed to playtest on the card creation process instead. We have generated 3 different ways of creating cards for players.

First way:

Using the Madlib style, players will try to enter any adjective, verb and noun without looking at any context and then check with the AI model to see if you managed to find a biased statement. According to our playtest, this has been the hardest for players as contrary to our understanding, it is really hard for players to randomly generate words without any context…

Second way:

Provide words for players to drag and drop into the options. This turns out to be the easier and with a careful selection of the words by us, the players manage to create various combinations of the words each time.

Third way:

If the player want to use their creativity, they can try to create a new sentence from 3 random words. Apparently players love this method as well and they managed to generate pretty creative statements to be used.

In conclusion, we have decided to incorporate the second and third way of card creation mechanism into our game.

Game Design Updates

Wireframe with skills

Here’s an enhanced wireframe of our cards game play including the skills from players.

Part 1 card creation process

By default, the player will generate a random sentence on their own something like this:

Based on the input, the AI model will show the result which leads to something like this:

However, this does not guarantees that the player is able to create sentences from scratch. Hence, we have the 2 methods selected above to help the player in the card creation.

Tech Updates

Gameplay update

This week, we have enhanced our game with minor bug fixes. We have also added all the art assets into the game with a timer feature for the gameplay. Below is a demo video of the gameplay.

Database update

On top of that, we have also created a Firebase database used to store the cards, users and votes of the gameplay. These will be valuable gameplay data which we aim to collect to share with our client eventually.

Artists Updates

Storyboard design

With our cute characters in placed, we are working on a storyboard for the opening scene to showcase to new players. Our latest draft looks something like this:

New cards design

With the new request on game design, we have also created a light version of the card design:

AIAuditors Production Update

As we enter the second half of the semester, we have re-established some of our goals and timeline to ensure that we can finish everything we want to achieve by the end of the semester with no regrets. Here’s the updated timeline:

Do look forward to our future update! 🙂 



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