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Summary(8/29 – 9/2)

  • Met with instructor Heather and faculty pitch Drew to talk about the goal of the project;
  • Generally researched on how people with disabilities play video games;
  • Read reviews of literature on the topic of gaming accessibility;
  • Held a group a meeting to confirm each member’s responsibility and what they hope to learn;
  • Reached out to the consultants at EA positive play group.

Group Meeting

In our group meeting this week, we introduced ourselves to each other, including our field of expertise and what we wanted from the project. One good thing is that we already knew each other from earlier projects or class group assignments. We talked about what we did during the summer vacation and expressed our high hope for the project.

Fig.1 Team members and respective role

Since we have 2 producers, we divided our work in the following way.

Fig.2 Producer responsibilities

We chose “Games for All” as our team name. Since we are a discovery project and we haven’t decided on what to build exactly, the name can cover a broad range of ideas. Plus, it’s easy to remember too. We hope future ETC projects can find our project for reference easily because faculties can remember our name effortlessly.

Background Research

We read some reviews of literature on the design of game accessibility (some of them are recommended by AbleGamers on their website).

You can read our notes.



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