dev blog week 11


  • All team members were trying to implement the designs from last week;
  • Increased the accessibility of the website.


We have built a paper prototype for the UI menu of our platformer game and tested it within the group. The paper prototype allows us to quickly and easily test and iterate on the menu’s design and functionality, without having to create a fully functional digital prototype. We created the prototype by sketching out the different elements of the menu on paper, and then cut them out and arranged them on a sheet of paper to create a basic interactive prototype. We then tested the prototype within the group, trying out different menu options and interactions to see how they felt and worked. The paper prototype was a useful and efficient way to test and refine the menu’s design, and we are now using the feedback and insights we gained from the testing to improve the menu’s design and functionality.


The programmer has continued to build the function of all the skills in our game, including the electric unleash skill. The electric unleash skill is a powerful and dynamic ability that allows the player to unleash an electric glob and it is content-sensitive. The programmer has spent a lot of time refining the skill’s mechanics and animations, to ensure that it feels satisfying and effective when used in the game. The programmer has also worked on integrating the skill into the game’s overall movement system, so that it can be used in combination with other skills and abilities.

Website Accessibility

We are committed to making our website accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. To achieve this, we have implemented a number of changes to improve the accessibility of our website. For example, we have added alternative text to all images to ensure that they can be understood by screen readers, and we have made sure that our website is compatible with a wide range of assistive devices. We have also added captions to the videos, and we have made it easy for users to adjust the text size and contrast on the site. By making these changes, we have significantly increased the accessibility of our website and made it easier for all users to access and use our site.



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