dev blog week 14


  • Applied new textures to the platformer game;
  • Updated the tutorial of the platformer game based on the last playtest;
  • Made some final adjustments of post-processing and terrain to the FPS game;
  • Had meetings with ETC faculties Mike and Tom for some feedback;
  • Playtested and interviewed with Jen, our disabled playtester;
  • Held playtest sessions with guests at the ETC festival.


We updated the tutorial to improve the user experience. For example, we replaced the action in instructions with the actual buttons to press so that there is less translating in the player’s brain. Another change that is worth mentioning was we provided players with expectations for the mapping actions in case they map the button to an inconvenient location like some of them did in the previous playtest.


We applied new textures to the platformer to give it a unique visual style and make it more visually appealing to players. The new textures fit with the overall art style and the new UI.

Fig.1 New Tutorial Texture
Fig.2 New Level Texture

We also made some final adjustments to the FPS game, like adding vignette in the post-processing and updating the environment. By adding vignette, we created a western atmosphere and drew the players’ attention to the center area of the screen.

Fig.3 New Visual of the Game

Playtesting the usability

First, we playtested with Jen and got some positive feedback about our platformer. Although she thought the process of plugging in all the adaptive gaming kits was a little bit tedious, the experience on the software end was rather satisfying.

We playtested our newest build at ETC festival in an attempt to get more playtest data about the usability of our game from a diverse group of players.

Fig.4 Playtest at Festival
Fig.5 Playtest with Jen



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