feature photo for 4th week

Summary(9/19 – 9/26)

  • Built the “golden spike” to test within the team;
  • Did research on the topic of FPS games.


Brainstorm ideas

After analysing the feedback from our 1/4 walkaround, we decided to have a brainstorming session to decide which direction should we go with our 1st prototype.

  • Researched what factors affect the difficulty of FPS games, and base our level design on our research results. E.g. FPS trainer
  • Designed an FPS level including the calibration part
In short, our prototypes will have two major parts: button-mapping and calibration. Since we want to support as many input devices as possible, we want to complete button-mapping capabilities in our game prototypes, so players can freely map their inputs as they like. And instead of having a table of UI elements, we want to turn the button-mapping procedure to an introductory game level for a more convenient and smooth experience.
For calibration, since different players have different abilities performing game actions/tasks with the input devices of choice, we want to collect their gameplay data about their ability to perform game actions/tasks while they are playing the game, and dynamically change the accessibility options automatically to negate mismatches and ensure every player gets the appropriate challenge level.
The video is a tech-demo of the first prototype we are working on, which is a shooter game. The demo will collect a set of data about the player’s ability to use the input devices of choice and aim at the target, and we will use that data in later levels to turn on different degrees of aim-assist, adjust the target size/speed, and explore other accessibility options.
For now, this is just a demo, and after importing art assets and actual level design, we want to decorate this as a tutorial level so players will actually have fun and feel like playing an actual game instead of a calibration level. We will also develop some future shooter levels to demonstrate how the data will be used to adjust the accessibility options. Right now, the theme is throwing paintballs/colored balloons at different targets, just like a carnival game.
A brief description of our ideation


  • Made a reference sheet for the desired visual style
  • Created the assets needed for the FPS level
  • Practiced on low-poly style 3D art


  • Made a prototype of the calibration level that can collect data (Golden Spike! Sorry it’s an ETC inside joke)
  • Set up the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Logitech Adaptive game kit



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