weekly blog week 9


  • Designed our second game from a user experience perspective;
  • Made a list of the art assets for our 2nd game: isometric platformer.


We recently received some feedback on our website from Michael Lee. Michael provided us with valuable insights and suggestions on how to improve the website, and we are grateful for his feedback. He pointed out a number of areas where the website could be improved, such as the organization of the content, the clarity of the navigation, the team page, the client page and the overall aesthetic of the site. His feedback was detailed and thoughtful, and it helped us to identify specific ways in which we can make the website more user-friendly and effective. We are now using Michael’s feedback to guide our development of the website, and we are confident that it will help us to create a better and more user-friendly online presence.

As for our 2nd game, we want to develop an isometric 3D platformer game that will provide players with an exciting and challenging gameplay experience. The game will feature an isometric camera angle, which will give players a unique perspective on the game world and allow for a wide range of movement and exploration. The game will also include a variety of 3D platforming elements, such as jumping, climbing, and puzzle-solving, to keep players engaged and entertained. In addition, the game will have a rich and detailed environment, with vibrant colors and engaging visuals, to immerse players in the game world. Overall, we believe that our isometric 3D platformer game will be a fun and exciting addition to accessible games exploration.

For now, we plan to only make the tutorial part but including the frame of an actual platformer. We want to explore how the interactions can be mapped intuitively.



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