Rabbit Hole Productions is a team of ETC artists and game designers that will design a pre-production package. Our team will use compelling art and visuals, intuitive gameplay design, and an engaging narrative to create an exciting and compelling gameplay concept. Our deliverables will include a realistic and logical pitch deck, as well as game design documentation, a concept art portfolio, a proposed development schedule, and proposed budget and demographic information.

This semester, we are designing an action role-playing game that takes place in a steampunk setting that uses deities in an active role in the world. Players will follow a protagonist living in this steampunk world that is set on a series of floating isles with sealed deities. In the game, players must awaken deities, explore, fight and master survival science in order to protect their allied deity and the place they call home from a dark deity and its abominations. Grow your skills and save your allies with your mythic abilities.