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  • Week 14

    The team has been working on final documentation, the pitch deck and the art book as well as our final presentation for the semester this past week. We will be compiling the pitch package as our final deliverable. Narrative Update Our Darrative Designer finished up the our deity lore, quest brainstorms and rulesets, character document…

  • Week 13

    This was softs week. This week primarily revolved around the pitch deck and the presentation of that information. We met with Faculty on Monday, Nathan Black on Tuesday, our Faculty Consultant on Wednesday, and the Alumni on Friday night. After each soft opening, we were able to take new information that was gleaned from the…

  • Week 12

    In preparations for Softs, the team used the week to create the next draft of the Pitch Deck for the project. We created a timeline for the pitch video and had our elevator pitch video extend to tell more information about the game. Moreso, two of our teammates were injured recently, one of them injured…

  • Week 11

    The team worked to develop our pitch process further, as well as finalizing some mechanics and puzzle layouts. We concretely established better communication between different aspects of the project instead of working just within our respective subteams – art and design. This change worked for getting us all on the same page. This also allowed…

  • Week 9 and 10

    Week 9 and 10 are combined due to most of the team being at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Pitch for Playtest Day: Art Updates: Design Narrative Design: Game Design:

  • Week 8

    Schedule: Past Week: Next Week: Art Updates:

  • Week 7

    Halves this week: Since Halves: Art Updates: Narrative Updates: Progress was made on the Step Outline and Quest Setups

  • Week 6

    Current Schedule: Past Week: Next Week: Art Updates:

  • Week 5

    Schedule Art Updates Design Updates Naming Conventions Deity Interations Inventory and Crafting Systems Started on defining the inventory and crafting outlines

  • Week 4

    Current Schedule Previously:  2/6 – Faculty Advisor Meeting Discussed current deity system, art, and some mechanics Determined that setting story aside for now is the best option Worked on maps, character art, environmental art, and core mechanics Current: Continue developing character and environment concepts Start researching naming conventions Continue research on the plot premise using…