Week 13

This was softs week. This week primarily revolved around the pitch deck and the presentation of that information. We met with Faculty on Monday, Nathan Black on Tuesday, our Faculty Consultant on Wednesday, and the Alumni on Friday night. After each soft opening, we were able to take new information that was gleaned from the pitch deck’s feedback and iterate to a better conclusion for it.

This week we plan to finish up our pitch trailer, continue to iterate on our pitch deck, and refine our documents to create a finalized cohesive pitch package.

Art Updates

Character in Water Temple Concept
Detailed Character Drawings

Design Updates

Narrative worked on the Quest Document, which details when they are, what type, goals, and rewards. The Trailer was iterated on the past week. New voice overs were added to the elevator pitch in preparation for the final trailer.

Pitch Iteration Process

Pitch with Narrative Focus

Pitch deck current

The pitch was iterated to remove slides that distract from the vision we see, inspire excitement to see the game built, increase clarity, and remove information that felt like it was not aimed at the audience of the deck.

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