Week 14

The team has been working on final documentation, the pitch deck and the art book as well as our final presentation for the semester this past week. We will be compiling the pitch package as our final deliverable.

Narrative Update

Our Darrative Designer finished up the our deity lore, quest brainstorms and rulesets, character document and worked on the final presentation. They also were finishing the budgeting sheet for the package as well.

Art Update

The Art Team worked on finishing the Art Book, finalizing some drawings, like the front and back of the main character, finalizing the street view and some of the shots for the trailer as well as working on the final presentation.

Design Updates

The Design Team worked on making VFX demo of the ultimate ability where you summon the deity and also the finalized the trailer for the game and the pitch package. They have also been working on the audio and voice overs for the trailer.

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