Week 11

The team worked to develop our pitch process further, as well as finalizing some mechanics and puzzle layouts. We concretely established better communication between different aspects of the project instead of working just within our respective subteams – art and design. This change worked for getting us all on the same page. This also allowed for mechanics to better inform art and vice versa.

The team is planning to make a handful of animatics for the trailer since our original plans for an animated cinematic demo fell through for our team. The artists are now working this past week and next week before Carnival break to create the drawings and 3D representations of the concepts that we can for the trailer at hand.

Art Updates:

Intro to the Game Storyboard
Temple Deity Unseal VFX Concept

Design Updates

Skill Tree First Finished Pass
Temple of Time (Intro Temple) Layout

Trailer Scripts and Tasking – A task list and dialogue for the voice over for the trailer.

Narrative Update – The ending and Tima’s role within the narrative was altered. The ending was given more stakes and sets the game up for a possible sequel. Tima’s role was given a more sacrificial role and allows the player character to undergo more of the classic hero’s journey with a trolley problem adjacent.

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