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Janice Metz

…Guide Assistants is really important, for the tour and demo rooms..

Dave Culyba

BVW course need a clear instruction of how to use hardware in making games.

John Balash

…We need to surprise the guests during the tours..

Rebecca Lombardi

Unorganized tour caused chaos in the lobby, it is easy to lose the effectiveness.

  • Week 12 – Keep developing and design document

    Firstly, we successfully implemented the latest UI elements into Unreal, which greatly improved the overall visual appeal and usability of our kiosk. Additionally, we revisited the operation mechanism for the kiosk and made some revisions to enhance its user-friendliness. These changes are crucial for ensuring that our kiosk is accessible and easy to navigate for […]


  • Week 11 – Iteration and 2nd demo

    Based on the feedback from the playtest day, we began the iteration of Kiosk design. The iteration mainly divided to three parts: Visual update, Feature implement and 3D model update. Kiosk Design iteration Iteration 1 Visual update Iteration 2 Feature Implementation


  • Week 10 – Playtest Day

    For week 10, we made a big improvement on the Kiosk Develop to prepare for the uncoming playtest day on April 6th.  It is finally our big time to be playtested by the ETC playtest team, which contains variable age groups like teenagers and adults. We focused on implementing new features and improving the user […]


  • Week 9 – GDC and design update

    GDC – Gathering Stories from ETC Alumni Most of our team members went to GDC to talk to ETC alumni and gather stories from their experiences. It was a great opportunity for us to gain insights and inspiration from those who have been through the ETC program and are now successful in their respective fields. […]


  • Week 8 – Database creation and develop

    Database With the new database and widget set up into our existing engine, Jingyuan was able to enter the information of several past projects and six kinds of hardware into the engine. This newly implemented database streamlines the data management process.  We understand the importance of an intuitive and visually appealing UI for the success […]


  • Week 7 Halves ~ Week 8 Springbreak

    This week, we had our halves presentation. To showcase our progress on design, content and program, we created a demo video for the presentation. Weilin has written the program interface for entering project information in the unreal engine. This will enable other team members to enter information about their projects, such as project number, name, […]