Week 5


  • Previously:
    • Discussed previous character art, weapon designs, deity designs
  • Current:
    • Preparing for Halves
    • Continuing Concept Arts
    • Continuing mechanic designs

Art Updates

Protagonist Dynamic Sketches
Water Temple Study

Design Updates

Naming Conventions

  • Researched old English for the naming conventions of places in the game’s world
  • Started using said research to create Franken-names for the different islands and temples.
    • Ex: Templaffȳr ( pronounced tem-pl-off-fear): means Temple of Fire
  • We can also use these naming conventions for items or creatures if we so choose as well.

Deity Interations

  • Worked on defining what the deity interactions overall would look like.
  • This includes:
    • The original making of the contract
    • The summoning of the deity in battle
    • Using deity granted skills in battle / while exploring
    • Upgrading skills through deity worship
    • Swapping which deity is currently equipped 

Inventory and Crafting Systems

Started on defining the inventory and crafting outlines

  • Researched and proposed consumable crafting mechanics
  • Defined a outline for designing transformational weapons, crafting them, and upgrading them.

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