Week 4

Current Schedule

  • Previously: 
    • 2/6 – Faculty Advisor Meeting
      • Discussed current deity system, art, and some mechanics
      • Determined that setting story aside for now is the best option
    • Worked on maps, character art, environmental art, and core mechanics
  • Current:
    • Continue developing character and environment concepts
    • Start researching naming conventions
    • Continue research on the plot premise using the book lent to us.
    • Continue researching and defining necessary mechanics
    • Develop storyboard for the summoning deity mechanic scene

What Went Well

  • Progress made on character development
  • Environment and asset concept art development
  • First pass at maps were designed
  • Mechanics needed for puzzles were defined.

Art Updates

Mentor First Concepts

Design Updates

  • Level design: Mechanics needed for puzzles were defined
  • Narrative design: Deity Lore was defined more
  • Gameplay design: Test grappling hooks mechanics for puzzles and movement 

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