Team & Contact

The Bridging Time is a team of six students from Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center.

Alyssa Tang

Producer / Programmer

Shiqing is a programmer dedicated to graphics, gaming and XR development. The technical she enjoys logic challenges brought by programming and algorithm designing. Coding gives her self-secure, peace and calmness. The artistic she enjoys photography, dancing, films, and travelling. She has always been on the way to pursue aesthetic things.

Qiwen Lei

Producer / UIUX & Visual Designer

Qiwen is a product designer and a product manager. She is a master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. She got a BFA diploma from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, focusing on visual communication design.

Steven Goehrig

3D Artist

Steven Goehrig is the 3D Artist and writer on Bridging Time. He brings a background in film and television production and VR/AR development to help tell the story of the Hot Metal Bridge.

Yifan Shan

UIUX Designer / 3D Artist

Yifan is a multi-disciplinary designer with a strong visual language and an eye for detail. She is pursuing an inclusive mindset and crafting intuitive experience for the future of innovation.

Ivy Liu

UIUX Designer

Ivy is a UIUX designer and 2D artist of the Bridging Time team.

Jennifer Liao


Jennifer is a software engineer focused on graphics and rendering. She is interested in computer graphics and game..

Mike Christel


Scott Stevens


Moshe Mahler


Contact Info

700 Technology Dr., Pittsburgh, PA

Monday–Friday: 11:00AM–5:00PM