Apr 24 – Apr 28
Written by: Alyssa Tang
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

Over the course of this past week, our team focused on refining our app in preparation for the final presentation.

We began by conducting a playtest with our instructors and a consultant instructor, Mo, on Monday. Mo provided valuable feedback on our “bridging time” concept and suggested animating old photos to enhance the user experience. He also praised our design of showing videos at the start and end of the experience, and audios in the middle that are timed to fit with the user’s walk. Mo expressed his belief that our app has the potential to inspire more themed trials at other tourist attractions, thereby enabling a deeper understanding of history.


Following the playtest, we worked to make final polishing changes to the app. We re-recorded the audio in a professional sound recording room to improve its quality, and adjusted the position of videos to make them more seamlessly integrate into the environment. We also ensured that the UI icons were coherent and aligned properly from start to finish.

We rewrote the welcome sentence on the homepage to make it more straightforward and welcoming to the audience. We want to make sure that our users understand the purpose of the app and what they can expect to see and do. This change helps users feel more comfortable and confident while using the app.

Final Presentation Preparation

As the week progressed, we shifted our focus towards preparing for the final presentation. We devoted a significant amount of time to discussing the presentation’s structure and creating high-quality slides. We rehearsed with our instructors and incorporated their feedback into our final rehearsal at RPIS on Saturday.

In conclusion, we are excited to finish up the semester with a successful presentation and a completed project that we can be proud of. We are grateful for the support and encouragement of our instructors and teammates, and we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.