Apr 10 – Apr 14
Written by: Qiwen Lei
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

This week, the Bridging Time team is attending the CMU Spring Carnival. However, as a team, we recognized the importance of enhancing our Bridging Time AR app to provide the best experience possible for our users. Therefore, we made the decision to continue working on the app during the break to ensure it was refined and ready for the coming soft opening next week.

Throughout the week, we took the feedback we received from our instructors and playtest results to improve the app. Here are the changes we made.

Firstly, we received feedback from our instructors that the menu of the 3 buttons was obscuring important information for users. To address this, we added an unfold function to the menu on the Selfie page. This change allows users to fold the menu to preview their selfie picture and see what the camera view looks like. We believe this will make the app easier and more intuitive to use.

Secondly, we iterated on the three videos in the app to ensure their historical accuracy and blend the models we made into scenes more naturally. This helps to make the experience more immersive and enjoyable for our users. We believe this will enhance the educational value of our app and provide a more engaging experience for our users.

Thirdly, we refined the content in the intro and ending videos to ensure the images match better with the audio guidance. This creates a more cohesive and polished experience for our users. We believe that this change will make the app more enjoyable and satisfying to use.

Finally, we organized all the UI components throughout the entire experience to make them more consistent. This creates a smoother user experience and makes the app easier to navigate. We believe this change will make the app more user-friendly and improve the overall experience for our users.

Overall, we are excited about the improvements we made to the Bridging Time AR app and are confident that our users will have an better experience in our soft opening.