Soft Opening

Apr 17 – Apr 21
Written by: Qiwen Lei
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

Week 13

We had an exciting week as we held our soft openings and welcomed several guests to test out our experience. The feedback we received from our guests was very helpful and has allowed us to make some significant improvements to our experience.

One of the key pieces of feedback we received was that many guests wanted the audio to provide more information in advance about what would be presented in each scene. We listened to this feedback and added more information to our audio to better prepare our guests for each scene. This has been a popular change and has helped to enhance the overall experience.

Another area where we received feedback was the UI of our experience. Some guests mentioned that the pictures on the map were not clear enough to enlarge and that some of the UI icons were too small to click on. We took this feedback seriously and worked to refine these aspects of our experience. We have made changes to our map, so that it is now clearer and easier to enlarge. We also made changes to the size and placement of UI icons to make them more accessible and easier to click.

In addition to the feedback we received during our soft openings, we also invited six guests to our project on Thursday and Friday to gather more detailed feedback. We spent time with each guest, taking them through the experience and answering any questions they had. We received a lot of positive feedback from these guests, but we also learned about some areas where we can improve. We are currently reviewing this feedback and will use it to make further refinements to our experience.