Jan 16th – Jan 20th
Written by: Alyssa Tang
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

This week was all about teamwork and learning as we embarked on a new project. Our goal was to create an augmented reality experience that would bring the history of the steel industry to life.

Team Meeting
We kicked off the week by getting to know each other better. We shared our backgrounds, strengths, and expectations for the project, and learned how we could work together to achieve our common goal.

Instructor Meeting
To better understand the project, we met with our instructors to discuss our objectives, timeline, and any relevant information. As it being a faculty-pitched project, we’re working with the subject matter experts from the Rivers of Steel.
This helped us get a clear picture of what we were aiming for, and allowed us to start thinking about the design and implementation of the AR experience.

Onsite Visit to Hot Metal Bridge
We made an onsite visit to the Hot Metal Bridge together with our instructors to observe the signs alongside the shores and learn more about the history of the steel industry. The visit gave us a deeper understanding of the environment, and allowed us to see firsthand how the bridge functioned in the past-time.

Initial Design Ideas
Based on our knowledge and observations, the team had initial design ideas about the project. We decided to have several designated spots to place AR objects in the scene, and pick several time slots to showcase how the environment looked in the past by using AR lenses.

Next Steps
We are now ready to move forward with the next phase of the project, which will involve developing the AR experience and having detailed storylines. Our goal is to create an engaging and educational experience that will allow people to step back in time and learn about the history of the steel industry.