For Off-site User

Bridging Time AR is primarily intended to provide an immersive onsite experience for visitors of the Hot Metal Bridge. However, we also welcome off-site users to try our app and learn about the rich history of Pittsburgh and the iconic bridge.

Onsite users can visit three designated spots on the bridge, where they will be guided to line up their device to a specific viewing angle and unlock a range of interactive AR features. These features include historical information, animations, and visualizations that enhance their understanding of the bridge’s significance.

For off-site users, we offer a way to simulate the experience of being on the bridge through three images that our app can download and use. By aligning their device with these images, they can access the same interactive features and learn about the bridge’s history from afar. We hope that all users, whether onsite or offsite, will enjoy using Bridging Time AR and gain a deeper appreciation for the Hot Metal Bridge and its place in Pittsburgh’s past and present.

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3