Mar 13 – Mar 17
Written by: Alyssa Tang
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

This week, we’ve made much progress in polishing some of the scenes and implementing new UI functions. 

Art Progress

Our focus has been on the art pillar, which has been an exciting challenge for us. Steve has been working hard on the factory model, and Yifan took the initiative to model the barge, both of which required a lot of effort and dedication. As part of our collaboration process, we frequently communicate with our instructors and other professionals who offer valuable feedback and insights. We’ve received helpful suggestions on how to improve our work, which has led to more refined and polished outcomes.

Barge Model
Factory Model

UI/UX Progress

For the UI/UX design, we’ve hooked up the UI icons with the models and created new versions of the UI. We received feedback about enhancing the feeling of history and “bridging time,” which we believe is crucial to creating a more immersive and engaging experience for our users. We’ll be iterating on the design to incorporate this feedback, and we’re excited to see how these changes will improve our work.

Narration Progress

Regarding the narration aspect of our project, we’ve finished the final version of the script and actively reached out to invite people for personal experience/story interviews and recordings. Unfortunately, some of our guests were unavailable due to scheduling conflicts. However, we’re exploring alternative solutions to continue our work on this aspect of the project. We believe that personal experiences and stories are an essential part of our project, and we’re committed to finding ways to include them in our work.