1/2 Presentation

Feb 27 – Mar 3
Written by: Alyssa Tang
Posted by: Qiwen Lei

Week 7

This week, we had our mid-term presentation, and it was a resounding success. We received valuable feedback from our faculties, which we’re currently reviewing and incorporating into our work.

UX Progress

As for the designing aspect of the project, we’re making strides towards our new design goals. Our UI/UX designers have completed the new low-fidelity prototype, and they have already begun working on the low-fidelity UI icons. They’re incorporating new design elements that will enhance the user experience and make the experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

Tech Progress

In terms of functionality, we’ve developed new features that eliminate the need for GPS to locate the models. Instead, users will be guided by maps to designated spots, and after confirmation, an outline of the right viewport will appear, allowing users to view the models from pre-set angles. This feature saves time and simplifies the process of viewing models, providing a seamless experience for the users. And the change in tech stack makes the app much more reliable and safe.

To demonstrate the feasibility of this new design, we’ve recorded new demo videos at the first spot and will continue to work on the other two spots. We’re putting a lot of effort into making sure that each scene is perfect, so that users can feel the fascination of past history.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be focusing on refining the three scenes, adjusting the model sizes, and adding new models. We want to ensure that our models are accurately represented, and that the platform is as engaging and informative as possible.

Narration Progress

In addition, we’re also working on the final version of the scripts and inviting guests to record the audio. The audio will be played in between trials and the narration will introduce the history of the Hot Metal Bridge. This will give our platform a polished and professional touch, making it more appealing to users and encouraging them to stay engaged with the content.

In conclusion, we’re correspondingly adjusting our designs, and we’re confident that these new design elements and functionalities will improve the overall experience for our users. We are going to integrate the models and audio parts into the product and have the prototype product soon.