Shumiao (Sharon) Liu

Head Producer/ UX Designer/3D Artist

Sharon is a designer and producer with interdisciplinary background.

Qisheng (Jerry) Chen

Assistant Producer/ 3D Artist

Qisheng Chen is an 3D character designer who is new to the industry. He graduated from the Ohio State University with an Accounting bachelor degree, who was inspired by the game industry and attending ETC master program.

Jia(Nancy) Xing

UI&UX Designer/ Artist

Nancy Xing is a UIUX designer who’s eager to explore innovation interaction possibilities with the new emerging technologies

Tairan(Evans) Gao

Programmer/ Game Designer

Tairan Gao is a game developer and designer who is interested in computer graphics and game engines. He is keen on designing exhilarating game mechanisms and implementing them with technical knowledge.

Weilin Yuan

Programmer/ Game Designer

I decided to pursue a career as a game designer out of my utmost, innermost passion for world-building and story-telling. I can provide a broad range of skill sets and a practical perspective that can easily integrate into a fast-paced environment.

Qiujie(Kristin) Wu

Lead Programmer

Kristin Wu is a software developer and designer for AR/VR who is interested in games and graphics. She enjoys implementing creative ideas and combining them with computer systems.


John Dessler

John is a creative director, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, musician, performer, and digital/fine artist. He is currently special faculty at the ETC, Carnegie Mellon University teaching Visual Story/Communication, VR Story and Sound, Location-Based Entertainment, UI/UX Design, digital art and design.

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens has extensive experience in the areas of games, and augmented and virtual reality for education. He has been involved with multimedia research and development for over forty years.