In this week, we are delightful that our client came to the ETC building to meet with us in person. We reported to her what we had done for the project last week. We learned a lot about game design from the information shared by the client.

is is a post that Alex posted on the twitter.

Based on the clients’ advices, we make some change for the four indexes that we have.


We also did some playtests by using rough paper card.

Through the playtest, we summarize some problems and user expectations.

  • They want to see the visual feedback when play card
  • Players pay lots of attention on the interview(What issue does the citizen address)
  • They want to make indexes influence each other.
  • The player want that if they didn’t spend all the budget in this round, they can keep them to the next round.
  • Competition

From visual aspects, we have some ideas to achieve the player’s needs.

  • secretary mentioned how to solve the problems(give a hint)
  • environment +1 bright filter, add tree
  • prosperity+1 add building
  • life expectancy+1 character walking gesture change, color of the character
  • social stability+1 Character status popup

3D Assets

There are two states(High-status, low-status) of citizens in the Shapetopia. Citizens’ behavior will depend on the index of life expectancy.

2D Assets

For UI, we have created icons for our indexes. The style of icons is 3D-like. We also created the components of cards and part of the illustration.


We started to make a simple prototype of a random city generator and card system.

Camera controller and automatic city builder

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