As the final week of the production process, we are finally coming to a conclusion. We made lots of adjustments to our prototype based on playtesters’ feedback, client’s ideas, instructors’ advice, and peers’ reactions. 

Our programmers keep debugging all the functional systems and updating databases (e.g.,. Random incidences, Card Collection, 3D assets, etc). We finalized the latest visual feedback system with existing assets (e.g.,. birds, fog, light, buildings, vehicles, characters, etc). 

Also, we finally combine our audios, background and sound effects, with the games, which is making a great effect on the gameplay experience. 

Artists and Designers are making minor adjustments towards UI interface and game objects. We made a new version of the tutorial and cards. In addition, we start to work on our video trailers.

Lastly, the Sustain Dev team was invited to an interview by Michael Henninger, Communications Manager in the Marketing & Communications Department at Carnegie Mellon University, for a story page. We explained the basic concept of our games to him and described some of the discussion and process details as well. We had a great time communicating with him.

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