This week, we have a halves presentation and got a lot of helpful feedback and we spent lots of time discussing among the team the future plan for the remaining half-semester. We are working on the digital prototype of our game and identifying the user experience.

This is a demo video to show the basic game flow.

This is our Halves Presentation:

Playtest for the four indexes

To compare the pros and cons of three indexes(people, planet, prosperity) and four indexes(Environment, Social Stability, Life expectancy, Prosperity), we conduct a playtest with ETC students who are not familiar with sustainable development.

User Experience Map

We made a user journey map based on the persona that we did in week 3 to analyze players’ emotions when playing the game and find potential problems.

Game Design

The majority of the feedback that we received for the presentation is about playtests. So to have a completed digital prototype, we further developed the policy tree. Based on some UN documents, we came up with new policies and assign statistics accordingly.


Moreover, we translated the paper prototype. To make the contrast between UI and environment more legible, we change the color from blue to yellow and pink.


Also, the team had a clear timeline of the project for the remaining of the semester. The idea was to get the first digital prototype to playtest as soon as possible so that the team could get onto the next iteration of the design. At week 12, we would have a soft opening where the game should be roughly finished and wait for some final polish.


After Halves presentation, we got lots of feedback related to the worries of the work scope and if our users understand the “WHY” of it all. So we came up with two questions:

How can we simplify and still keep our messaging strong? How can we prove what we are making does deliver on design goals?

Based on the two questions, we make a to-do list for spring break and arrange the priority of these tasks. After the spring break, we plan to combine all our individual works together and conduct the playtest to check if the user’s reaction as the same as we predicted.

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