Based on the problems and solutions we learned from the Playtest, we made changes to the game from UI, sound, and Programming aspects

Problem 1: We need to integrate the SDGs into the gameplay more completely than before.


  • We will show the score system of collecting the SDGs on the end page. Through playing the policy cards, players can see the related goals with the card they want to play. By adding the score system, players can pay more attention to the SDGs. Since we will have a score system to catch players’ attention, there will be a new version of the end page with a final score indicating how many SDGs players had collected during the game.
  • Players can see the description of a specific goal by hovering on the SDGs which on the top the screen.
  • Add an about page to briefly introduce the SDGs. For the “ABOUT” button in the start menu, we design a brief introduction for the SDGs.

Problem 2: They want to get more feedback after they place any policy cards.

Solution(UI and programmer):

  • The city and the elements inside the city will change the appearance when the indexes increase or decrease.
  • Add instruction WASD icon, scroll mouse icon. This is to give players and instruction that they can change the camera view.

Problem 3: Most of the testers are losing focus when there are too many words and information in the game.


  • Add dynamic UI and simplify the tutorial and replace the word with a visual component.

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