We invited faculties, instructors, and people who are interested in SDGs to our project room to play our final prototype. We still got a lot of feedback and suggestions from our players. Most of them think our game is very positive and the outcome looks great after playing. Almost all players love our visual feedback of the game and they can feel the process of a city becoming sustainable. However, we still got some bugs and minor errors to fix. here are the minor adjustment that we made:

  • Add Goal 17 into the collection
  • Build a webGL link and adjust the screen size
  • Some minor bugs in the city

We are planning for our final presentation in the ETC to show how much we have done and what result we got. 

And we are glad that this semester project is almost finished. We are also happy that CMU media posted our project on its news. Here is the link: https://www.cmu.edu/news/stories/archives/2022/april/global-goals-game.html

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